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Area Rug Cleaning in Sheridan and Buffalo, Wyoming

It’s no secret that America loves area rugs. This type of floor cover is extremely popular due to the fact that it adds warmth, comfort and character to just about any room it’s used in. However, area rugs don’t come without corresponding drawbacks. Among all the floor covering options, rugs and carpets are the most susceptible to wear and damage under heavy foot traffic.

Vacuum cleaning alone is not enough to preserve the beauty of your area rugs and extend their service lifespans. Deep-seated dirt, moisture and microbes cling tightly to your rug’s fibers and cause gradual damage over long periods of time. To make sure your area rugs stay clean, fresh, and strong, call Captain Clean and get them serviced once every few months by seasoned professionals with a proven track record spanning three decades in the state of Wyoming.

Captain Clean has the experience, knowledge and equipment to deep-clean your rugs in a way that’s tough on dirt but gentle on fibers. Depending on the type of rug you have, we’ll make a recommendation on what approach is best and what results you can expect.

9-Step Process for Rug Cleaning:

  • Upon receiving your rug, we will measure and inspect it, which allows us to determine exactly what we will be able to do for your fine rug.
  • Using a specialized compressed-air “dusting system,” we are able to remove most of the insoluble, particulate soil, which improves the effectiveness of cleaning solutions.
  • After dusting, each rug is tested for color fastness to ensure dye stability during cleaning. At this point the weave is inspected and any spots are gently treated by hand.
  • After dye testing, your rug is submerged in a bathing system where a special shampoo is applied and the rug is gently agitated to allow soil to fall through the specially designed floor of the cleaning area.
  • After the shampooing step, your rug is rinsed free of any remaining soil. A post-cleaning inspection is then conducted and, if necessary, the rug is cleaned again until the best results are obtained.
  • Once your fine rug is cleaned, we then treat and comb your rug’s fringes as well as hand-groom the face fibers.
  • Next, your rug is mechanically lifted up in our special “fresh-air” drying room where it receives continuous inspections until it is completely dry.
  • Once your rug is dry, it is given another thorough inspection, after which we apply a fine fabric protector to help prevent future soiling.
  • After the fabric protector is applied, we once again inspect your carpet, then roll it and wrap it for protection.

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There is No Substitute for Professional Area Rug Cleaning

One of the questions we usually get asked by home and business owners is why they should get their rugs professionally cleaned when they could just have them vacuumed every so often. The answer? In the same way that you still have to visit a dentist despite regularly brushing your teeth, there are things only professional cleaners can do for your floor covers.

We have the ability to get rid of every foreign particle hidden in your rug to make it look, feel, and smell brand new.

a white shage rug with rows of soap and a gentle scrubber being run over it

Captain Clean has seen just about everything that can damage or dirty up a rug. Not all stains are made equal, so we have developed a wide range of cleaning methods to deal with whatever you throw at us.

Below is a list of incidents that can harm your area rug which cannot effectively be remedied using just regular cleaning practices:

  • Water Damage – If you’ve had recent water intrusion drenching your rug or if you’ve had people come in with wet footwear, you could be looking at a rug that’s threatened by water damage. Water may look harmless enough, but it can actually damage the fibers of your area rug and weaken the latex backings that hold the whole thing together. Simple sun drying can do more harm on your rug than good. If your area rug recently got soaked, act fast and call Captain Clean for immediate action.
  • Smoke Damage – A fire may not reach and damage your area rug, but that doesn’t mean it isn't doing any harm. If the smoke from the fire makes contact with your area rug, its caustic chemicals can weaken and discolor the rug's fibers. It’s also likely to leave behind a burnt odor that’s hard to get rid of, despite using deodorizers.
  • Pet DroppingsAnimal droppings left on an area rug can really be hard to clean up. Whether it’s solid or liquid, simple wiping just doesn’t cut it. In most cases, the pressure from wiping only pushes unsanitary particles deeper into your rug, making the problem worse the harder you try.
  • Beverage Spills – Coffee, juices, wine or beer spills are pretty common in the average household or workplace. When the spill lands on a rug, it can be a nightmare cleanup job. Vacuum cleaning and wiping can’t lift liquids from your area rug, which means a stain - with a smell to match - will linger on.
  • Microbial Infestation – Moisture and dirt can spur the growth of bacteria, viruses, fungi and dust mites on your rug. When this happens, your rug develops a musty smell that can be discomforting to the people inside your building. If left to fester, these microbes can cause skin, eye and respiratory irritations. In worst case scenarios, mold can make people very ill with neurological disorders and asthma episodes.

Call Captain Clean

For fast, reliable and reasonably-priced area rug cleaning in Sheridan and Buffalo, Wyoming, call Captain Clean today. Our friendly staff is standing by to answer your questions and they’re ready to dispatch a team of area rug cleaning experts right to your doorstep. All our services are guaranteed, so we can ensure your satisfaction with any job you ask us to do. For general inquiries, you can visit our Contact Us page and email us. We take excellent care of the property you entrust to us for cleaning and we treat each piece like it’s owned by a member of our families. For all your professional cleaning needs in Wyoming, trust only in Captain Clean!