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Pet Stain removal

Pet stain Removal for Carpets in Sheridan and Buffalo, Wyoming

Pet stains on your bare floors can be very disturbing and bad for your home. Pet stains on your carpets are even worse. Animal urine and feces are highly unsanitary and they must be cleaned and sanitized immediately to get rid of the foul smell and the microbes that come with them. Unfortunately, that process is easier said than done when we’re talking about floor coverings like carpets and rugs.

The soft, porous and fibrous surfaces of carpets make them very hard to clean when you are dealing with liquid and semi-solid stains like animal droppings. Feces tends to cling while urine gets absorbed deep into our floor covers. When this happens, simple vacuum cleaning and wiping are not effective options. Using water and liquid cleaning solutions can even harm carpet types that are not supposed to get wet.

For fast, effective, and professional pet stain removal on your carpets in Sheridan and Buffalo, Wyoming, call Captain Clean. We have the knowledge, tools and experience for the total removal of animal stains on any type of carpet from any manufacturer. We will take care of extracting the foul material, disinfecting the carpet, then deodorizing it. By the time we’re done, your carpet is guaranteed to look, smell and feel like new.

Call us today and we’ll drive right to your place for a free inspection and cost estimate. Our friendly staff is on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. They’re ready to answer any questions you may have and they can send over a team of carpet cleaning specialists for both scheduled and emergency requests. You may also drop us a line via email through our Contact Us page.

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