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Wood Floor Cleaning Sheridan and Buffalo, Wyoming

Intensive Cleaning – Removes tough dirt and surface contaminants with the Dirt Dragon™ cleaning machine and leaves your floor squeaky and ready to use immediately. Intensive cleaning is available for all types of floors, including solid wood, laminates, and engineered floors.

Refinish – Restores the appearance of your fine floors to look brand new. This is a permanent finish that adds life to your floors without sanding. Our refinishing process should not be confused with the acrylic finishes sold at superstores that can subsequently cause problems with your floors in the future. Refinishing is offered for solid wood (prefinished or site finished) and most engineered floors.

Recoat – When you notice wear and tear in your flooring, recoating can be done with the TyKote® Dust-free Refinishing System. The TyKote System is a combination of intensive cleaning and a new coat of finish. It is necessary to recoat before the floor has worn down to bare wood. There is no sanding or dust involved. Recoating is offered for solid wood (either prefinished or site finished) and most engineered floors.

Resand – If the floor has been worn to bare wood, it may need to be sanded. With the proper cleaning and recoating necessary, the average homeowner will never have to go through this process. Captain Clean does not offer this service.

Call today and have our wood floor technician consult you for the level of service your floor may need.

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