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The Rug Cleaning Process

Cleaning rugs is not an easy task, but someone must do it. Here at Captain Clean, we are committed to that cause and we take the matter of cleaning your floor covers very seriously. We constantly update our knowledge on the best practices in the industry and we make it a point to apply only the safest and most effective methods when cleaning the rugs that our clients entrust to us. We exercise our cleaning process in a thorough, methodical and scientific way to make sure that once we deliver your rug, you will be completely satisfied with the work we’ve done.

If you’re curious about Captain Clean’s rug cleaning process, here’s an overview of the 10 steps that we take once your rug is in our hands:

  • Thorough Inspection – This is the part where we identify the carpet type, its material, its weaving methodology and the condition that it’s in. Based on that information, we will give you our recommended cleaning plan and the costs associated with it.
  • Debris Removal – Once you approve our recommendations, we’ll use gentle vibrations to loosen and shake off tiny particles in your rug’s fibers. A rug may not look filthy on the surface, but after it has been subjected to debris removal, it’s pretty common to extract pounds of dirt and other particles.
  • Pre-Treatment – Once your rug is free of unwanted particles, we’ll focus on stained spots. We’ll use gentle cleaning agents whenever applicable to loosen the cohesive grip of stains and make it easier to remove in the succeeding parts of the rug cleaning process.
  • Application of Treatment – After the pre-treatment phase does its work, the main stain treatment begins. Depending on the type of stain, the type of carpet, the materials involved and the rug’s manufacturer, we’ll select the approach that will remove the stain while preserving your rug’s beauty and durability.
  • Fiber Brushing – We will gently brush the rug’s fibers to return them to their original form while loosening whatever particles are remaining.
  • Rinsing – Whenever applicable, we’ll rinse the rug to flush out any remaining debris. This doesn’t apply to carpet types that shrink or shrivel when exposed to high volumes of water.
  • Disinfection and Deodorization – To make sure germs, fungi and microbes don’t threaten the health of your family or co-workers, we’ll use disinfectants that are tough on pathogens but gentle on people. We’ll also deodorize the rug to make sure your floor cover smells fresh by the time it gets to you.
  • Light Vacuum Cleaning – For good measure, we’ll run your carpet through a vacuum cleaner on light settings. This eliminates any debris that might have gone to your rug after the previous cleaning process stages.
  • Final Inspection – We’ll take a final look at your rug and make absolutely sure that it looks, feels and smells as good as it possibly can before we move it out of our facility and into your place.
  • Delivery – Handled with care, your rug is transported safely back to your workplace, or residence, where it will serve you well again for the next several months.

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