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Coal Stove Cleaning in Sheridan and Buffalo, WY

Coal stoves provide a low-cost heating solution with a rustic, old-fashioned appeal that some home and business owners prefer. Coal burns intensely for long periods of time, allowing you to cook continuously at a much cheaper rate than with gas and electric burners. The only drawback is the fact that coal is considered one of the dirtier types of fuel because of the amount of residue generated as it burns.

Coal stove owners are all too familiar with the sight of thick, dark particles lining the combustion area of their appliance. This soot is a real pain in the neck to clean up and if you’re not wearing the right protective equipment, you could end up with skin, eye and respiratory irritations. If you feel you’ve got better things to do than to slave away on a filthy coal stove, call a professional cleaning service provider to do the job for you.

Captain Clean is exactly that kind of company. For three decades now, we’ve been providing the best brand of professional cleaning services in Sheridan and Buffalo, Wyoming. We have the tools, manpower and know-how to render effective coal stove cleaning services whether you’re using one in a commercial or a residential space. Our cleaning services are backed by 30 years of experience in the field, so you know your stove is in good hands when you entrust it to us.

Contact Captain Clean now and schedule your coal stove cleaning session with our team of experts. Our staff is standing by around the clock to assist you anytime you need it. For urgent cleaning needs, don’t hesitate to state your emergency when you talk to our representatives. We’ll be glad to send in our personnel on short notice. For general inquiries, you can also drop us a line via email through our Contact Us page.

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