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Ultrasonic Radiator Cleaning

Ultrasonic Radiator Cleaning Sheridan & Buffalo, WY

Radiators are essential parts of every heating or cooling system whether they’re used in buildings or vehicles. Radiators facilitate the transfer of thermal energy from one medium to another, allowing the regulation of air temperature in a given space. Like any HVAC part, radiators tend to accumulate dust and dirt over time. When too much debris is present in the radiator,  its performance is stunted and energy efficiency is negatively impacted.

Unlike most parts of an average heater or air conditioner, the radiator can be pretty sensitive to the force applied during cleaning. Too much force can damage it while too little can allow dirt to linger inside. To strike the perfect balance between effectiveness and safety, we recommend ultrasonic cleaning for your radiators.

Captain Clean utilizes ultrasonic cleaning technology for the total removal of all debris in your radiator. This method makes use of powerful sound waves blasted at high and low frequencies to agitate particles that cling tightly to your radiator’s body. When combined with gentle aqueous cleaning solutions, ultrasonic cleaning can flush out a few years’ worth of dirt from your radiator and help it perform like new.

If you need radiator cleaning services in Sheridan and Buffalo, Wyoming, look no further than Captain Clean. We have the specialized tools, the expertise and the experience to do the job for you. For three decades, we have been at the forefront of the cleaning industry and we have constantly applied the latest and greatest in cleaning technology. Ultrasonic cleaning is just one of the many techniques we use to provide top quality service and high value for money to customers who have come to trust us over the years.

Call us today and talk to our friendly representatives. They’re ready to answer your questions and address any concerns you may have. We’re ready to help you out 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’re great at handling emergency situations, so don’t hesitate to dial our number if you have urgent needs. You can also email us via our Contact Us page for general inquiries.

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