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Ultrasonic Cleaning in Sheridan and Buffalo, WY

Cleaning up delicate parts and contents in your building can be a painstaking process. Glass, ceramics, jewelry and electronics can get damaged by the slightest missteps. If you’re not sure how to clean a piece of property safely and effectively, consider ultrasonic cleaning services by Captain Clean. We offer this high-tech cleaning method to homes and businesses in Wyoming’s Sheridan and Buffalo area. It’s a great way to get rid of impurities and contaminants on fragile items without the risk of inflicting accidental damage.

Ultrasonic cleaning works by agitating cleaning agents like water and solvents with ultrasound blasted at 20-400khz. The sound waves are light, but they’re intense enough to loosen contaminants while forcing the cleaning agent through the parts of the object that need to be cleaned. A prime advantage of ultrasonic cleaning is that it goes right through cracks, blind holes and crevices to get rid of unwanted particles that can’t be taken out by hand or traditional tools.

Ultrasonic cleaning has residential, commercial and industrial applications. It can be used to clean sculptures, antique furnishings, watches, clocks, jewelry, electronics, firearms, musical instruments, surgical equipment, dental tools, machinery parts and more. Whenever in doubt about how cleaning might affect an item or a part of your home, the safest bet is always ultrasonic.

Call Captain Clean today to inquire about our ultrasonic cleaning services. For over 30 years, we’ve been at the forefront of using the latest and greatest in cleaning technology. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience necessary for the successful application of ultrasonic cleaning techniques, so we guarantee satisfaction with any job you ask us to do. We treat every item that you entrust to us like it belongs to a family member, ensuring that extreme care will be taken in making them look as good as new.

Our friendly staff is ready to answer your call anytime. We also respond to emergency requests, so don’t think twice about dialing our number if you have an urgent need. For email inquiries, drop us a line in our Contact Us page.

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