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Why D.I.Y. Clean-up Spells Disaster after Fire and Smoke Damage

a home after a fire

What’s great about a lot of Americans is that we possess a can-do attitude. As long as we have the tools and a little bit of know-how, there is nothing we can’t apply ourselves to. Unfortunately, there are times when such a good thing is counter-productive or even damaging. Cleaning up after a fire is one of those instances.

The burnt parts of a home aren’t safe places even after the firemen have gone back to the station. For one, you will need to wait for the fire marshal to signal that all possible sources of secondary fires have been eliminated from the site. You will also need to wait for an electrician to check if the electrical system is okay for use. Your insurance company’s adjustor will also need to gauge the extent of the damage for herself.

Cleaning up by yourself immediately after the fire will put you in needless risk. The fire may re-ignite while you’re there. The electrical system might still be on. What if an active wire is on a pool of water and you accidentally step on the said pool? If you successfully gain access to the site and clean-up, how will the insurance company’s agent know the true extent of the damage? You might get less than what you need to claim.

Aside from the imminent dangers of fire and smoke damage, you will need to think about your health as well. Short term exposure to smoke can irritate the eyes and the throat and cause shortness of breath. It can also activate heart conditions like angina. It can also trigger symptoms of asthma and other respiratory ailments. You will need to avoid putting yourself in smoky situations to avoid adding health concerns on top of your restoration needs.

The site of a fire will also require thorough cleaning in order to remove soot and carbon particles. Soot, for one, is acidic and a layer of soot will discolor and break down anything it covers. Since firemen will bombard the premises with water, structural drying and dehumidification will be necessary in order to keep mold growth from being part of the problem.

If you’re in Wyoming and you’ve recently been the victim of a fire, you don’t need to do clean up yourself. You can rely on Captain Clean to be there for you and clean the site professionally. We’ve been serving the people of Johnson and Sheridan Counties since 1973 to their complete satisfaction. It’s why we’re still in business and still growing through all the years. You can get in touch with us at our 307-278-6676 number or through the contact form on our pages to get a free estimate. Let us hasten your road to recovery!