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Mold Removal Services Sheridan & Buffalo, Wyoming

Mold growth in your building is bad news. This fuzzy-looking fungus may not look menacing, but it can pose serious threats to your health and property if left to thrive unchecked. If you’ve had water intrusion in your home or workplace recently and you’re seeing signs of mold growth, call Captain Clean immediately for safe and effective mold removal services in Sheridan and Johnson County.

particle board under a water heater with mold growing all over it

Mold can thrive almost anywhere in the world. It only requires a little moisture and some organic material to nourish it. As it grows, it tends to form colonies that can eat away at walls, floors, ceilings, furniture and textiles. Worst of all, it releases irritating spores that sometimes carry toxins which are dangerous to human health.

Don’t let mold endanger your property and the people inhabiting it. Call us in for a free inspection and a comprehensive cost estimate. Our friendly staff is ready to talk to you and deploy our team to your site for an expedient mold abatement operation.

The Mold Removal Process

When you call Captain Clean over to your site for mold removal, we’ll apply a rigid process that will get rid of the fungal infestation for good. Here are the things that you’ll see us do when you hire us for your mold remediation needs:

  • Damage Assessment – We’ll scan all affected areas and map out where mold exists so we can apply direct action to it later on.
  • Water Extraction – Taking away the water supply that nourishes mold is a crucial step in stopping its growth and recurrence. We’ll use sensors and proven processes to track down every water pocket in your building and use powerful pumps to get rid of it.

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black lines of mold growing up from the carpet across the walls of a closet
  • Dehumidification – Getting rid of unwanted water in its liquid form is one thing, dealing with water vapor hanging in the air is another. Faint moisture is sometimes enough to activate mold spores, so we’ll use powerful dehumidifiers to get indoor air back to normal levels relative to the average humidity in the Sheridan-Buffalo area.
  • Containment – While the extraction and dehumidification processes are going on, we’ll seal off the affected areas with plastic sheets to prevent the further spread of mold spores.
  • Disinfection – Using negative ion technology, we’ll disinfect the areas in your property where mold can be found. This is the safest approach to dealing with mold and its spores.

Don’t Attempt to Clean Mold up Yourself

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), traditional bleaching is not an effective way to remove mold from surfaces in your building. This cleaning method does not effectively kill the fungus and its spores, giving way to its recurrence over time. Experts also warn about applying pressure to patches of mold growth on walls, floors and other surfaces. The slightest application of force can send spores flying to the air, increasing the likelihood of these particles to be inhaled.

Contact with spores can irritate our eyes, skin and respiratory systems. In the case of toxic black mold, the spores can carry poisonous mycotoxins that can result in neurotoxicity, nausea, dizziness, asthma attacks and with chronic exposure, cancer.

Call Captain Clean for Immediate Mold Removal

If you see or suspect the presence of mold in your residential, commercial or industrial building, call Captain Clean for an immediate evaluation. We perform inspections free of charge, so you won’t have to pay for anything if the problem does not exist. In the event that we do find mold presence, we’ll provide you a detailed service quote that’s commensurate to how big or small your needs are. Call or email us today and eliminate the risks that come with mold presence in your property!