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Upholstery Cleaning Sheridan and Buffalo, Wyoming

Upholstery is the padded textile that’s fitted on to home and workplace furnishings. It adds an extra dimension of warmth, comfort and style to our chairs and sofas to make them more conducive for relaxation and productivity. As you may imagine, upholstery takes a lot of abuse from direct and constant contact with humans. Dust and microbes in the environment tend to grind into the upholstery with our weight, which pushes contaminants deep into the fibers where they’re hard to reach and get rid of.

The fibrous makeup of most upholstery types doesn't make the task of cleaning them up any easier. Dust, pollen and mold spores tend to cling to upholstery even when it’s vacuumed or beaten. If you've had a recent fire, the soot and caustic particles from smoke seep into the fibers of upholstery and gradually damages over time. Water intrusion and spills can do just as much harm with the stains and microbial growth that they too can leave behind.

If you need fast and effective upholstery cleaning services Upholstery going through the cleaning process to look brand new. in Sheridan and Buffalo, Wyoming, turn to Captain Clean for professional help. We have a seasoned team with the knowledge and equipment to deep-clean all of your upholstery and rid them of dirt, stains and germs. For over 30 years, we've been saving, restoring and extending the lifespans of upholstery in our service area. Our customers have come to distinguish us from other professional cleaning companies with the family-style care that we put into every project we take on. When you entrust your upholstery to us for cleaning, you can be sure that we’ll handle it with the utmost care and responsibility.

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