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flooring removed from a kitchen exposing wet concrete after water damage

Water Damage Restoration Sheridan and Buffalo, WY

Water damage restoration is the process of bringing a building back to its pre-water intrusion condition. Indoor flooding can cause massive damage to your residential, commercial or industrial infrastructure as it happens and even after it subsides. A thorough, scientific and professional approach is usually necessary to undo the effects of indoor flooding and that’s exactly what we provide.

If you’ve experienced recent water intrusion in your Sheridan or Buffalo, Wyoming property, take decisive action and contact Captain Clean immediately. We provide complete water damage restoration services that cover the permanent parts of your structure (floors, walls, piping, wiring) as well as its contents (appliances, furniture, documents, textiles). We also have the ability to address emergency requests, so don’t think twice about calling us if you have urgent needs. Our staff is on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long to take your call. You may also reach us via email through our Contact Us page for general inquiries.

Causes and Effects of Water Damage

Water damage happens when unwanted water gets to the parts of your building that are supposed to remain dry. Natural disasters such as hurricanes, heavy rainfall and overflowing bodies of water are the most common culprits. In a lot of other cases, water intrusion can come from man-made water sources. Plumbing failures, sewage leaks, heater bursts and toilet overflows are common incidents that can result in indoor flooding.

While water doesn't seem quite as threatening as fire, it can be every bit as destructive. Water can weaken wood, corrode metals, ruin appliances and destroy valuable documents. It can also render carpets, draperies and upholstery unusable after prolonged exposure. Worst of all, intruding water can short-circuit a building’s electrical infrastructure and create fire or electrocution hazards. It can even spur the growth of disease-causing bacteria and fungi indoors.

The Water Damage Restoration Process

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To mitigate property loss and to bring back safety in your home or workplace, Captain Clean follows a stringent water damage restoration process. When you call us in, we’ll send a team of experts to your site for a free inspection and cost estimate. We will then follow these steps en route to a fully-restored building in as little time as possible:

pieces of wet sheet rock and insulation have fallen into the room
  • Damage Mapping – Using state-of-the-art water and moisture detection equipment, we’ll track down every trace of unwanted water within your property. This allows us to take away all of it and prevent it from doing incremental damage right under your nose.
  • Water Source Shutdown – If you aren’t aware of where the water is coming from, we’ll find the source for you. We will then shut it down to prevent the floodwater from massing up and doing even more damage.
  • Flood Containment – After the water source is shut down, we’ll focus on stopping the spread of the floodwater. We’ll do this with plastic barriers that halt water movement as well as the wafting of moisture to other areas in your property.
  • Water Extraction – When the flooded area stabilizes, we’ll bring in powerful water pumps that suck out the unwanted water from every affected section of your building.
  • Dehumidification – It’s not enough to get rid of water in its liquid form. Water that has evaporated and turned into moisture can leave a musty odor and sustain life for microbes. We use industrial dehumidifiers to flush out excess water vapor and normalize indoor air conditions.
  • Disinfection – After all the water and excess moisture has been dealt with, it’s time to kill the germs that have grown and thrived when water entered your building. We use disinfecting agents that are gentle on your property and the people in it, but ultra-tough on microbes that can make people sick.
  • Content Inventory – We’ll account for every piece of content in your home or workplace’s flooded areas and take them in for cleaning and restoration. Our contents restoration team is among the very best in the state of Wyoming and pride themselves on salvaging items that look like they’re headed to the dumpster.
  • Repair, Replacement and Reconstruction – We’ll inspect your infrastructure for damage and assess what needs repair, what needs to be replaced and what needs to be rebuilt. We’ll give you the best recommendations; and, if you give us the go signal, we’ll get down to business in getting your place back to its former glory.
  • Final Assessment – Before we wrap up, we’ll go through all the work we did based on the quote that we agreed upon. We want to make sure that you’re completely satisfied with what we’ve done and we’ll be glad to make adjustments, if needed, to your satisfaction.

Water damage is a cumulative process. The longer you wait on it, the worse it gets. Call Captain Clean today and put a stop to the mounting losses that it’s causing. We’re ready to drive to your doorstep and bring you instant help.