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Dehumidification Services Sheridan and Buffalo, WY

Your home or workplace may look dry after indoor flooding is dealt with, but an invisible threat can linger on and wreak havoc unnoticed. Indoor humidity tends to spike in the aftermath of a flood, causing a myriad of problems that can threaten your property and the health of the people in your building.

A musty odor, wood rot, metal corrosion, mold growth and a thriving pest population are all signs of excessive humidity within your home or office. You may not be able to see stale water vapor in the air that you breathe, but it’s definitely there and it’s hard to get rid of. If you’ve had recent water intrusion in your place, take no chances with indoor humidity. Call a professional water damage restoration company that can perform safe and effective dehumidification services in your home or workplace.

Captain Clean is exactly that kind of service provider. We are Sheridan and Buffalo, Wyoming’s premier water damage restoration company and dehumidification is one of our flagship services. With a combination of high-tech moisture detection equipment, professional-grade dehumidifiers and powerful blowers, we will restore indoor air quality to pre-disaster levels with speed and ease. Our highly trained staff will know exactly what to do regardless of the scale of the problem and the type of environment involved. Our services are backed up with 30 years of field experience that allow us to deal with any type of water intrusion scenario possible. Also, check out our contents cleaning process.

Call Captain Clean today and get a free inspection with a detailed cost estimate. Our friendly staff is standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take your call. We have the capability to respond to emergencies anytime, so feel free to contact us when you have pressing needs. For non-urgent questions and concerns, you can reach us via email through our Contact Us page.

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