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Home Water Damage Restoration in Sheridan and Buffalo, Wyoming

Home water damage refers to any type of destructive activity brought about by water on a residential structure. While water may be essential to our existence, it can also lay waste to property and threaten human health if it gets to spaces that are supposed to remain dry. If you detect any type of water intrusion in your Sheridan or Buffalo, Wyoming household, it’s best to contact a water damage restoration company to deal with the problem immediately.

Water has plenty of destructive effects when it finds its way into spaces in our homes where it shouldn’t be. Water causes wood rot, triggers rusting on metals, ruins fabrics and nourishes germ growth. Flooding can also contaminate clean water and short circuit a home’s wiring system. As such, it has to be dealt with immediately to prevent cumulative damage within the affected area.

Captain Clean is the premier water damage restoration service provider in the State of Wyoming. With 30 years of proven field experience, we’ve seen it all and we’ve helped hundreds of homes recover from water damage. We always get the job done thanks to our highly trained staff, our state-of-the-art equipment and a constantly-updated knowledge of restoration best practices. It doesn’t matter what the scale of your residential flooding is and where the water came from. We’ve got exactly what it takes to get it all out and bring your place back to its pre-disaster form.

When you call Captain Clean, we’ll immediately send over a team of experts for a free inspection of your site. We will then give you a detailed cost estimate and insurance claim processing assistance. Once we get your green light, we’ll get down to the business of implementing a safe and effective water damage restoration process. This includes the shutdown of the flood source, full damage mapping, flood containment, water extraction, dehumidification, disinfection, cleanup, repairs and reconstruction (if necessary).

Whether you are dealing with water from a clean source, semi-hazardous gray water or highly dangerous black water, we’re ready to take on the biggest challenges to get life back to normal for you. Call us today and get immediate assistance. If you have questions or concerns, you may also drop us a line via email through our Contact Us page.

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