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Water Damage Restoration Process

When you call in Captain Clean for water damage restoration, we will apply a proven, scientific process that will bring your home or workplace back to its pre-disaster form. This is a nine-step process that includes:

  • Water source shutdown – If you’re not aware of where the floodwater is coming from, we will perform an immediate investigation to zero in on the source. Our water damage restoration team will then focus on shutting it down to prevent the entry of more water to areas where it shouldn’t exist.
  • Damage mapping – Using a combination of probes, sensors and manual searching, we will track down every pocket of floodwater in your building for a thorough extraction. We will also measure the humidity in all affected areas to make sure we also get rid of excess moisture hanging in the air.
  • Flood containment – Once we know where all the water is and how much damage it has caused, we’ll cut it off from the rest of the building. We’ll use a combination of barriers and negative air pressure to make sure water doesn’t keep moving freely whether it’s in liquid or vapor form.
  • Water extraction – With the water damage mapped and contained, we’ll bring in powerful pumps to get rid of every last ounce of it. These pumps have strong suction power that draws in all the water while keeping your property safe. The floodwater will then be stored in a tank for proper disposal later on.
  • Dehumidification – Water vapor can activate mold spores, lower air quality and come back to liquid form depending on indoor conditions. We know that and we won’t let it happen. By bringing in dehumidifiers, we’ll bring indoor humidity levels back to normal. Using fans to drive air out of a building just isn’t enough. Professional-grade equipment has to be used for the total restoration of a water-damaged building.
  • Disinfection – Water intrusion can spur the growth of bacteria, viruses and fungi that can cause irritations and serious illnesses for people within your building. To prevent additional losses for you in the form of unnecessary medical bills, we’ll thoroughly disinfect all affected areas in your household. We’ll use a solution that’s tough on microbes but gentle on your property to ensure the full safety of the people in your building. In case we spot mold growth, we’ll use ion-based extermination techniques to deal with colonies and spores created by the fungus.
  • Deodorization – Water damage can leave a persistent, musty odor that’s hard to track down and deal with. If a scent lingers on after our cleanup and disinfection efforts, we’ll deodorize your place and have it smelling fresh so you can breathe easy in it again.
  • Structure and Contents Restoration – Based on our assessment of the damage on your building and its contents, we will provide you recommendations on what needs repair, restoration and reconstruction. We’ll go through your floors, walls, ceilings, wiring system, plumbing system, furniture, carpets, draperies and appliances to see what can be saved and what should be replaced.
  • Final assessment – When all the work is done, we’ll walk you through it one more time to make sure you’re completely satisfied. We want to know if you feel that we’ve brought back your home or workplace to its pre-disaster form and if not, we’re willing to make adjustments to ensure it’s done right.

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